My Thoughts on Coronavirus……

….for what they are worth. A time to take stock and think about what is really important in our lives & to pull together.
I can always rely on Charlie Mackesy when I need a little pep talk

British Airways, ‘fighting for survival’, ‘London Marathon postponed’, ‘Prince Charles avoids handshakes’, President Trump declares ‘national emergency’, ‘could cost global economy $2.7 TRILLION, Boris Johnson declares it to be the ‘worst public health crisis for a generation’………….

We’re doomed!

Private James Frazer

For those of you unfamiliar with Private Frazer, a brief introduction before I get back onto the subject in hand. He was a character in the BBC sitcom, Dad’s Army, which was about the British Home Guard during the second world war. It was broadcast between 1968 and 1977. Frazer is described as ‘a dour, trouble-stirring, exaggerating, wild-eyed Scottish undertaker’. The fictional character hailed from the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, and he was much loved for his pessimistic, dark outlook on life. Prone to gossiping and sowing the seeds of unease. His catch phrase, ‘we’re doomed’, is one that I use from time to time, with the humour that is meant. Now would be one of those times.

As I pen notes for this, on Friday the 13th of March, we (The United Kingdom), have upgraded from the contain phase to the delay phase. It all feels a little scary. I imagine that by the time there is light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, there will be few of us the world over, who have not been touched by this in some way or another.

It’s alarming how empty the supermarket shelves are. I admit that today, is the first time that I have felt particularly anxious on a level other than from a business point of view. Being in the tourist industry, this was never not going to have a negative impact. If that is the only way in which we suffer, then I shall thank my lucky stars.

I haven’t stock piled any food or consumables, not because we’ve been advised not to, but I tend to take a more lackadaisical approach when it comes to such matters. Loo roll! It tickles me how that is the top of so many peoples list of priorities. I bought a four pack of coconut scented loo roll today (it was literally the last remaining pack on the shelf). I bought it because we only had three rolls left in the whole house. I tend to wait until I am required to hop from one bathroom to another, trousers round ankles, before I think I must get some more! So, we were potentially one roll away from that stage. I got to the check out and almost felt as though I had to justify my purchase. I felt guilty, like I was being judged and I wondered if I was at risk of being mugged on my way home!

I phoned my parents, just to check in and to make sure that they weren’t thinking of booking a cruise. The subject of stock piling came up. They haven’t bought any more than is the norm for them either. We joked that we could descend upon my sister, like a plague of locusts, if the proverbial shit hits the fan, or rather when it hits the fan. Her kitchen cupboards always look as though she is planning for an apocalypse. Mine are always on the scant side, because I like to see whats at the back with ease, rather than wondering what may be lurking there, as one might wonder what lurks inside a black hole! Any way, they were both in fine fettle, and not planning a cruise anytime soon. Phew.

There is no doubt in my mind, that this pandemic is going to cause an enormous amount of stress and anxiety, loneliness and isolation, misery and heart ache for many. On the flip side, I think that there may be a silver lining to this ominous black cloud if we look hard enough. How many of us don’t really know our neighbors? Maybe the ones directly either side of us, but the sense of community seems to be a rare find these days. Maybe now, people will make more of an effort to seek out their neighbors, to either ask for, or to offer help. Maybe it will help to unite us, on a community and a world wide level.

Already there are some great stories being shared. From Italy, currently in heavy lock down, there are tales of folk in quarantine, coming together on their respective balconies, to sing and play instruments, bringing joy to everyone within ear shot. The resilience of the human spirit is incredible.

Around 250 community groups have been set up across the UK, to help those in self-isloation. Carrying out tasks such as shopping, dog walking and picking up prescriptions.

Vietnam is to end its trade in wild animals killed for meat and parts, after Covid-19 was linked to the transmission from bats to humans via a wildlife host.

Dozens of celebrities are devoting their time, money and attention to support food banks and charities.

I love this one. Distilleries across the United States are making their own hand sanitizer to give away for free. It turns out that that is happening here in Scotland too.

Air pollution has plummeted in cities with high rates of quarantine.

In the Netherlands, 175 Dutch churches rang their bells for 15 minutes as a sign of hope against corvid-19.

Times of hardship really does bring out the best in people. That’s what I’m trying to focus on anyway.

I am sure that there will be many such ‘warm fuzzy feeling stories’ being told, as we travel along the Coronavirus road

We have no idea what the future holds for us, with or without coronavirus. We sure as heck won’t have a full diary of booked tours as we would have hoped. During this lean period, we shall put on our tin hats as Dad would say and continue to explore as much as possible. If you can’t come to Scotland, we will bring Scotland to you.

I would love to hear any feel good stories that you have to tell. Also, if you suddenly have time on your hands, how are you using that gift? Time is a gift right? We don’t often have a lot to spare. I think I might blow the dust off my easel and oil paints, write more and do some baking…if I can get hold of eggs!!!

So, in the mean time, chins up and we’ll see you on the other side of this, raring to go again.

Stay safe

Anna xx

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