Pizza. An Italian Classic made with all Scottish Ingredients.

Not a recipe as such, but a bit about some of our amazing produce & wolves! Wolves?Read on, it will make sense, I promise Having been lucky enough to live in Italy for three years, just outside Bella Napoli, the home of the Margherita pizza, we’ve developed a love of great pizza. I have spentContinue reading “Pizza. An Italian Classic made with all Scottish Ingredients.”

Winter Road Trip to the Isle of Islay, Scotland

Cosy hotels, Islay distilleries, good walks and fabulous food Such a wonderful experience did we have on the Isle of Islay that I felt I had to share it with you. We enjoyed warm hostpitality, amazing food lovingly made with local ingredients, fresh sea air and whisky. Lots of whisky! We left Edinburgh quite lateContinue reading “Winter Road Trip to the Isle of Islay, Scotland”

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