The Calm Before the Storm. A Trip Down Memory Lane

As the whole world struggles to come to terms with a new way of life, I reflect on our quest to find the elusive flying stag First of all, my apologies, this post has taken me weeks to write. It’s just been a little tricky to motivate myself to be perfectly frank. I swing likeContinue reading “The Calm Before the Storm. A Trip Down Memory Lane”

Summer Road Trip to the Outer Hebrides

White sand’s, turquoise sea’s, blue skies. Was this really Scotland? Having experienced the joy’s (and woe’s ) of a long distance hike with a good friend of mine, I decided that I wanted my family to reap the benefit’s for themselves. That slowing right down, getting away from it all, the simple act of justContinue reading “Summer Road Trip to the Outer Hebrides”

Baking an Aberdeenshire Regional Favourite, Butteries.

A bit aboot the buttery, it’s origins and a recipe that you can try at home. So a few evenings ago, Donald and I had a few drams with friends to celebrate the New Year. Moira is originally from Aberdeenshire, although she’s lived all her married here in Edinburgh. A few measures in, the subjectContinue reading “Baking an Aberdeenshire Regional Favourite, Butteries.”

Winter Road Trip to the Isle of Islay, Scotland

Cosy hotels, Islay distilleries, good walks and fabulous food Such a wonderful experience did we have on the Isle of Islay that I felt I had to share it with you. We enjoyed warm hostpitality, amazing food lovingly made with local ingredients, fresh sea air and whisky. Lots of whisky! We left Edinburgh quite lateContinue reading “Winter Road Trip to the Isle of Islay, Scotland”

Relaxing Afternoon on the Wee Isle of Raasay

Ferry ride, whisky, woodland walk and cake! Christmas is over, the house has been stripped of all signs of the festive season, the tree is shivering naked in the garden bar one bauble that I managed to miss. It’s grey, wet and windy outdoors and we need something to look forward to, something to planContinue reading “Relaxing Afternoon on the Wee Isle of Raasay”

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